AncestryDNA and Other Goodies (a test covering this will be given at the DNA Sig)

Ancestry DNA for someone else, like child, parent, etc. who doesn’t want to be bothered with an account:

  • You can create an e-mail account in their name, although you will control it. Any of the free email providers will do.
  • You do not need to purchase Ancestry subscriptions for them, particularly if you already have one for yourself. When you activate the DNA kit, that will create an Ancestry account, but without a subscription. You can then – acting as the third party – grant yourself permission to manage their account.

AncestryDNA has 7 different groups for predicted relationships:

  • Parent/Child
  • Immediate Family (full siblings)
  • Close Family (half siblings, grandparent/grandchild, aunt/uncle/niece/nephew)
  • 1st cousin
  • 2nd cousin
  • 3rd cousin
  • 4th cousin
  • Distant Cousin.

Here are some helpful sites explaining some of this DNA stuff.  Not in any special order.

Understanding Your AncestryDNA Matches –  LegacyTree

Understanding Your Relationship to DNA Matches After Autosomal Testing–  Colleen in YouTube (a college assignment!)

First Steps When Your DNA Results are Ready –  DNAeXplained

ThruLines Tidbits by Jim Bartlett at Segment-ology

DNA Sig Meeting August 10th at 10:00am

23AndMe recently released a trait report looks at a customer’s likelihood of having a fear of public speaking. While a fear of public speaking, also known as glossophobia, doesn’t present any serious health consequences, it can hamper career advancement or your speech at the next DNA Sig.

The issue was that my wife and I tested at 23AndMe way back in 2010 on their chip #2. The SNPs necessary to get new trait reports, including glossophobia, were not included on that model. 23AndMe is now using chip #5. We needed to upgrade.

June 24th, 23AndMe sent us an email saying we could purchase an Upgrade test using chip #5 for only $125. This would include, of course, both Health and Ancestry options. Needless to say, both Sandra and I purchased the upgrade. Our DNA extraction is in process, with expected due date being August 22.

I don’t need a DNA test to prove that I have glossophobia. No matter, I am still going to monitor our monthly DNA Sig this Saturday Aug 10 starting at 10:00 am.

Topics covered by me at the Sig will be:

• A case study in which I solved an adopted person’s quest to find her father (in my wife’s family)
• More about the 23AndMe upgrade option
• The new 23AndMe collaboration with FamilySearch which is in beta test now
• Some brief mentions for beginners in their genetic genealogy quest.

Since I am glossophobic, I will also bring a load of questions for the group to answer! And if you have questions about your recent DNA test, please bring them along. We are depending on you to cover for me…

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Monthly Meeting – August 1, 2019 – “Brick Walls in My Genealogy? How Did They Get There?” by Shelley McFadden

At some point, every family historian encounters a barrier in their genealogy research. In genealogy, these barriers are known as “Brick Walls” and they can often appear impossible to work around. We must remember Genealogy is a research field concerned primarily with accurately reconstructing forgotten, unknown or hidden identities, relationships, activities of families, individuals, and more. It borrows from fields like anthropology, economics, genetics, history, law, mathematics, and sociology. Many pursue family history for pleasure and to learn more about their family ’s background, while most family historians, consider accurate results important. Genealogy is “Problem-Solving” – not a straightforward primary information with direct evidence. We will learn 16 reasons why we create brick walls in our Family Genealogy, and a disciplined approach to solving them.

Shelley McFadden holds a BFA in Fine Arts at the University of Hawaii and is a retired RN from CHOMP. She has worked for over 40 years on her family genealogy. Her focus Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, North and South Carolina, New York, Ohio, and New England. She has served as a past President for Monterey County Genealogy Society, and is currently serving as 1st Vice President-Programs Chair. She is a member of Commodore Sloat Chapter, and associate member of Aloha Chapter of the DAR. A Charter member of the Colonial Dames in Hawaii. She specializes in Newspaper Research.

Doors open at 6:15 pm, the meeting starts at 7:00 pm. We’ll see you at the Family History Center, 1024 Noche Buena, Seaside, CA., left rear of building.

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Correction – DNA Sig will meet again in August

The DNA Sig meeting will resume August 10th

Jim Robeson, acting as teacher’s assistant, will lead the SIG meeting in August. There are lots of things to discuss, so we want to keep everyone informed. If you are interested in using DNA to assist in your genealogical efforts, this is the place to come ask your questions. Barbara Rae-Venter will be back in September.

If there are subjects you want covered or questions you have or if you want to present a new finding, please contact Jim directly. Either send email or come to the FHC on Friday mornings. You can also reply directly to this posting.

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