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  1. Andrea Worthington Cox

    Am a beginner at genealogy, and am slowly assembling info on ancestors who settled in the Monterey/Salinas area. Last names Witcher/Whitcher
    and Worthington. Elizabeth Witcher Worthington and James Worthington were my fathers paternal grandparents. Do you have any records, accessible online, about their families? I know bits and pieces.
    A ‘new’ DNA cousin, Denise Chatham, has a lot more info regarding her lineage, but it’s never enough, huh?!? Would appreciate any ideas here.
    Thank you

    1. Neil Poling

      Andrea – Are you aware of the Witcher Family cemetery in East Garrison.There are about 8 graves. The Army fenced it with a white fence, either the Army or the HOA put in a bench and the neighborhood landscaping contractor keeps the weeds down. Let me know if you need info on location or need info off the graves stones. I walk by it every few days.

      Neil Neil.Poling@gmail.com


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