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Columbus Day Sales for DNA Tests

Columbus was the first to sell America and he gets an national holiday for it.

There are a few sales going on on DNA tests just for the next couple of days. If you were waiting for the next sale cycle, now is the time.

The biggest sale is, for customers only, 23AndMe is selling their “ancestry+health” test for only $129, I’ve never seen it that low. $70 off for already customers. Get your sister tested now!

MyHeritage is currently only $49. Go check FTDNA and Ancestry too.

Monthly Meeting – Sep 5, 2019 – “The History of the Geography of New York City” by Stephen P Morse

New York City has undergone numerous changes in its geographical boundaries, both for its counties and for is boroughs. An understanding of these boundaries is important in order to know what archive to search in when looking for vital records. The talk discusses the changes to New York City’s geography over the years, and describes the difference between New York City and the City of New York.

Stephen was given the Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies in 2006, the APGQ Excellence Award, and the National Genealogical Society – Award of Merit in 2007. It was in recognition of exceptional contributions to the Field of Genealogy. His “One-Step” search tools have assisted genealogists greatly by making it easier to find their ancestors within existing large genealogical databases. He is a computer professional who holds a doctoral degree in electrical engineering. He is best known as the architect of the Intel 8086 which sparked the PC revolution.

Doors open at 6:15 pm, the meeting starts at 7:00 pm. We’ll see you at the Family History Center, 1024 Noche Buena, Seaside, CA., left rear of building.

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Utah Genealogy Association is having a Virtual Conference

The Utah Genealogy Association is holding a Virtual Conference this September. It will be held September 24-25, 2019. But you know what “virtual” means! The conference is being recorded and made available over the internet. One of the benefits of this virtual conference is unlimited access to the recorded presentations until October 26, 2019–that is a full 30 days to listen again and solidify new concepts. So if you can’t watch “real time”, you can easily watch the sessions later. You could say the conference is being held the whole month of October!

The first day features an exciting evening of DNA presentations from Blaine Bettinger, Kitty Cooper, and Patti Hobbs. Wednesday opens with the keynote address given by Judy Russell, the Legal Genealogist, at 9:00 a.m. MST, followed by a full slate of 5 other expert presentations.

There are fees involved. But the presenters are some of the best in the country in their given fields. They deserve our support and expenses need to be covered! Go to the web site and check it out. It sounds like a great deal to me!

Click here to go to the UGA Virtual Conference web site. While you are there, be sure to look around the Utah Genealogical Association is one of the finest!

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Don’t forget, MoCoGenSo does NOT have a monthly meeting in July.

BTW, is having a big “firecracker” sale (they call it a “flash” sale). You can get good prices, but only for the next 2 days! As they say, “Cheap ancestors for sale”!

Order the DNA test, order 50% off membership account, work like crazy, get addicted to genealogy, and then join us at the next DNA Sig meeting!

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FamilySearch interview with Dayna airing this afternoon, 1-2pm on KSQD 90.7fm

This afternoon, June 29, from 1-2 pm, Daniel Spelce will air an interview with Dayna Jacobs on the Family Sparks Family History Radio Hour on KSQD Santa Cruz, 90.7 fm on the radio dial, and streaming live on the internet. Click on the first tab on the home page, LISTEN. Then click LIVESTREAM. That’s live programming.

If you’re not able to listen to the live broadcast, click LISTEN, then AUDIO ARCHIVE. Look up “Family Sparks” for June 29, 1:00-2:00 pm. Then you can listen at your convenience.