Research Service

MoCoGenSo Research Program

MoCoGenSo offers a research service provided by qualified members to individuals looking for information that can be found in Monterey County, California records.

Family Research project members will conduct up to a two hour search of local records, using the titles which will be most helpful in answering the specific inquiry.  For this service, a donation of $20.00 US is requested per name.  Land research and Court research, if needed, are an extra $10 per hour donation.  Copies of birth, marriage, or death certificates may require an additional fee as set by the county.

To initiate a query, first download this form: Order Form
Then print a copy of the form and fill it out as completely as possible.   Indicate which sources you wish to have our researcher look through. Every effort will be made to use all available resources as time permits.  Be sure to include your name, full mailing address, date of your request, and a No. 10 (legal/business size) self-addressed, stamped envelope (SASE) and as much information as you know about your ancestors, including NAMES, DATES and PLACES.

Be specific as to the kind of information you are seeking. Two hours does not allow a research of all available records in this county.  Address research requests to:

MoCoGenSo Research Request
P.O. Box 8144
Salinas, CA 93912-8144

Upon receipt of a request, SASE and a check made out to MoCoGenSo, a volunteer researcher will be assigned to do the work. Upon completion of the research, a report of the sources searched and the results obtained will be mailed to you.

We make no guarantee that the search will be successful, but our best effort will be put forth.  In the event further research is indicated, or if copies of certificates are desired, your researcher will contact you directly and advise you of the probable cost.

We also suggest that a query in our newsletter might bring additional information. Queries are free to members and to others with ancestors from Monterey County.  Send your newsletter query to:

MoCoGenSo Query Editor
P. O. Box 8144
Salinas, CA 93912-8144 

1 thought on “Research Service

  1. Louize Smart

    looking for info on Judge Henry Lyon Bradford for 1881 or so. Was born in northern California and his father was a Judge also. We think he was married 3 times. #2 marriage was to Mary Eva Roehrig in Modesto CA and #3 marriage was to Georgia Mortenson Wells Poulton in 1910. We cannot find any info on bride #1 who was the mother of Lafayette Harrison Bradford and Carmen Bradford. Their age in 1881 was (girl – 9) and Lafayette (age 4).


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