Introductory Emails

OK, this is an experimental page. It might be just for me, we’ll see. What we will store here are a few sample emails to use when reaching out to a DNA match for the first time. If you have good ones, send them to me.

A Gedmatch Good One


Your profile just popped up on my Gedmatch page as one of my closest DNA connections. Any idea how we might be connected? I’m from Ottawa Canada, my mother is from Montreal and my father is from Quebec City.

All the best,

from Kathy

Dear “firstname”,

I am the great granddaughter of “name” and “name”. They emigrated in 1880 from “somewhere” to “state” and then “city”. I believe we may be related. Might you be willing to share the names of your grandparents? Or your family tree, if you have one?

I certainly understand if you do not have time to share information. Please let me know if you received this note. Thank you.

Best Wishes,
“my name”


Hello Cousin,