MoCoGenSo Membership Information

Members have the right to vote and are eligible to be elected to the Board of Directors; they receive notice of meetings and activities and a reduced fee for some of these activities.  Another benefit of membership is receipt of the Society newsletters.

The Membership Year is April 1 through March 31.  Dues for membership for the year are $20.00 per individual or $25.00 per family.  This includes a newsletter distributed in electronic format (PDF) by email.  To receive a paper copy, add $7.50 to the above prices.  Renewals are due by March 31 of each year.

To start or renew your membership, first download this form: Membership Form. Then print the form, fill it out and add a check made payable to MoCoGenSo for your dues, and mail both to

P.O. Box   8144
Salinas, CA  93912-8144

Thank you for being a supporter!

3 thoughts on “Membership

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  2. Donna Bessant

    Recently, I have had messages from Marily Ruccello which were suspicious & turned out to be Phishes. But, in early March, a “real” message encouraged me to rejoiin MoCoGenSo & I sent in dues plus a little donation for the library for 2022-23. Last week, I got another request for dues & now I’m confused: I feel like I have paid for 22-23…was the latest request a “blast” message to everyone & I should disregard it? Or….??? Thanks for checking on phishes and dues. Donna Bessant

    1. MoCoGenSo Webmaster Post author

      This website sent out two “broadcast” announcements about membership renewal.
      Yes, you can ignore them, they were not directed at you specifically. And if you have renewed, thanks!


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