The goal of the 50/50 Program is to encourage purchase of books and CD-ROMs for the library of the Family History Center, and to leverage the MoCoGenSo book budget by soliciting sponsors from our membership to share in the expense of such purchases.

The idea is simple — members buy approved research materials, use them at home for a period of three months, and then donate the materials to the FHC library.  Upon receipt of the materials at the library, MoCoGenSo will reimburse the member for 50% of the cost of the item.  50/50!

  • The member gets exclusive use of the materials for a calendar quarter
  • The member will be reimbursed for half the cost of vital research materials
  • The library gets research materials of direct interest to our members
  • MoCoGenSo’s book budget stretches twice as far

The 50/50 Program Committee must pre-approve the purchase to guarantee a refund to the member.  Materials must be genealogy-related to be approved.  Priority will be given to areas not well represented in the library’s collection, and to titles of general interest, like county histories, probate records, marriage indexes, census indexes and census image CDs.  Materials must not duplicate current library holdings.

To participate in the 50/50 Program, fill out this form with a full description of the research materials you propose to purchase, and your own personal information.  Turn in the completed form to any MoCoGenSo Board member or to a FHC library volunteer, or mail it to

  50/50 Program for MoCoGenSo
  P.O. Box 8144
  Salinas, CA 93912-8144

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