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3rd Party Tools for genealogical genetic testing at DNA Painter

We have previously talked about the free web site called DNA Painter that supports DNA genetic testing with various tools. The most famous tool is called Shared CM Tool.

The site is run in London, England by a guy named Jonny Perl. The site is mostly free, but there is a subscription level which gives you more of many options. For the record, I am a happy subscriber.

There is a free monthly newsletter which is really a useful item which keeps the world updated with news from all around the genetic testing arena. The latest newsletter included an announcement about the new page on the DNA Painter site that contains links to other third-party tools related to DNA analysis for genealogy. This page is a wonderful set of sites that we should all bookmark. And you can leave the updating to DNA Painter!

You can find a link to this new page on the Tool Page at DNA Painter. For now, you can get to it by clicking here:

Monthly Meeting – September 1st, 2022 – “1950 Census Updates: Searching with and without a Name Index” by Stephen P. Morse

The 1950 Census was released in April 2022, and a name index has slowly become available. Are you familiar with the 1950 Census, and the many updates since its release? We must remember finding people in the census can involve searching by location. There will still be many reasons for doing locational searches. The census is organized by Enumeration District (EDs), so the location needs to be converted to an ED before the census can be accessed. The One-Step website contains numerous tools for obtaining EDs. This talk will present various tools, and show circumstances in which each can be used.

Stephen P. Morse was given the Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Association Jewish Genealogical Societies in 2006, the APGQ Excellence Award, and the National Genealogical Society – Award of Merit in 2007. It was in recognition of exceptional contributions to the field of Genealogy. His “One-Step” search tools have assisted genealogists greatly by making it easier to find their ancestors within existing large genealogical databases. He is a computer professional who holds a doctorate degree in electrical engineering. He is best known as the architect of the Intel 8086 which sparked the PC revolution.

The Zoom meeting will start at 7:00 pm sharp. Zoom meeting details will be sent by invitation only. If you are not a member and wish to attend, send an email with your email address to our Membership VP, Marilyn Ruccello .

For additional information, call (831) 915-9465.

If you are not familiar with Zoom, click here.

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Genealogical Society of Santa Cruz – Sept 6th & Oct 4th – German Immigrant Research in 2 Parts

Gordon Seyffert, President of the Immigrant Genealogical Society of California, will present a dynamic two-part program on the subject of German immigrant research. The September meeting will examine some of the common inquiries Mr. Seyffert has encountered during his tenure at the Immigrant Society. At the October meeting, Mr. Seyffert will examine questions submitted by you, our attendees. We ask that you please submit your questions when you register for this event. Directions for submitting your questions will be seen on the library’s registration page, when you click the above links. While we can’t guarantee Mr. Seyffert will get to all of them, he is certainly going to try and answer as many as he can, in October.

Gordon Seyffert is a retired university staffer who was born in St. Louis. His ancestry is half-and-half German and British Isles. His primary interest is German genealogy, since several of his ancestors immigrated to the U.S. in the mid-nineteenth century. He is especially interested in migration, and the factors that cause people to relocate.

Gordon says that he is a genealogist because he is a curious person who wants to know from whence he came. He categorizes himself as a life-long learner. He refuses to be intimidated by problems of unfamiliar language and culture. Gordon is proud to be a talented amateur who enjoys helping others. How far back has his research taken him? Far enough to explain who he is!

NOTE: You MUST register at this address in order to attend.

Off the Charts : Presenting Ancestors’ STories (PAST) meets 3rd Wednesdays via Zoom @ 1:30 pm

We are a genealogy group for people who like to think outside the box and beyond the chart. We exchange support for our work and excitement about how we’re sharing it. Our meetings include topics and speakers on writing, crafts, photo projects, organization, trips, reunions, issues, and much more.

Wednesday August 17th @ 1:30-3:30 ==> Contact Kathy or Karen 917-2042 for Zoom meeting details.

This Month: “Sharing stories of Ancestor’s Journeys”

My goodness do we have a great meeting today!! Thirteen of our members have volunteered to show n tell with photos and stories of their ancestors’ journeys. This topic definitely resonated with all of us. We will share the thirteen that contacted us first. If we have extra time we will share stories from those who might want to add a story. If we have more stories to share, we will continue Part 2 next month during our updates. Thank you Gail for coming up with a wonderful topic,,,one that definitely appealed to many. I look forward to seeing you today and hearing your stories.

Every meeting includes a chance to connect, ask questions, and update genealogy friends on your latest discoveries or roadblocks. We also have an opportunity to receive inspiration from others and to help.

The Family History Center in Seaside is now open on Tuesday and Thursday from 1:30 to 4:30 pm, and people are coming in.

Gary Carlsen, one of the volunteer Librarians, reported we once had 14 Librarians, and now have 2. Volunteer positions are available.

Gary stated that the Monterey Public Library has available, as do the Monterey County Free Libraries, and that his first Ancestry subscription cost $26 in 1990.

The Family History Center has of course, for free, as well as training with

Monthly Meeting – August 4th, 2022 – “Monterey County Historical Society and Pat Hathaway Collection” by James Perry

James will provide a fascinating presentation with the introduction of the Monterey County Historical Society, its institutional history, campus, collections and highlighting the breadth and depth of Mr. Pat Hathaway’s Collection, followed by Q and A time.

James Perry has a M.A. in Museum Studies with an emphasis on Collections Management & Public History. He has served as Curator of Collections & Exhibits for the Valdez Museum & Historical Archive in Valdez, Alaska as well as the Museum of the Aleutians in Dutch Harbor, Alaska. Locally, he has served as consultant to various organizations for special project initiatives, including the City of Carmel-by-the-Sea, the Royal Presidio Chapel and Missions Carmel, San Juan Bautista, Soledad, and San Antonio de Padua. He has served the Monterey County Historical Society in various capacities since 1990, and is currently the Executive Director.

The Zoom meeting will start at 7:00 pm sharp. Zoom meeting details will be sent by invitation only. If you are not a member and wish to attend, send an email with your email address to our Membership VP, Marilyn Ruccello .

For additional information, call (831) 915-9465.

If you are not familiar with Zoom, click here.

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Mocogenso DNA Group is Paused through 2022

The MoCoGenSo DNA Sig is on hold for the remainder of the year. We will reevaluate its resumption in 2023.

In the meanwhile, there are many great DNA Sigs and Discussion groups throughout the country that are free for the joining. In fact, we have a few right here on the West coast. For example, have you heard of Randy Seaver? He is a long time genealogist who runs a DNA Sig for the Chula Vista Genealogical Society. This link goes to their main page where there is link to the next DNA meeting! Their meetings are via Zoom and are quite interesting. The last one I attended had 32 folks present!

For those who want pure genealogy, Randy Seaver runs a blog that is worth checking out.

And do not forget the Genealogy Society of Santa Cruz County right here in the Monterey Bay area. They also have a DNA Sig that can be found the calendar on their main page at:

Genealogy Puzzles (?)

Through the years, I’ve learned a lot about the right way to do genealogy at the blog Genealogy’s Star by James Tanner.  I follow him using Feedly.  Today he had a post about errors he has found in data in the FamilySearch family tree.  He presents them in a puzzle fashion and I found myself getting a kick out of trying to find the error.  Perhaps you will find this particular post fun and informative too.