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Microfilms in the Monterey California Family History Center

We have just added a PDF here in this blog-space that shows a list of all the microfilms that are housed here in the Monterey California Family History Center.

Even though FamilySearch is no longer making microfilms and fiche available for rent, our local Family History Center has about 5,000 “long term” films available to be viewed. Yes, some of these have been digitized and can be viewed in FamilySearch from home. But some are not. You can view and/or download the PDF file below which contains a list of the tape housed in Monterey FHC. Then, when you find a tape in your searching at, you can check here to see if we have it. If we do have it, then you can visit the center to view it.

Perhaps a few details about the report will help you use it.  Basically the report is a cross reference between the film number in FamilySearch (called SLC Number) and the film identifier here (called FHC Number).  The report is sorted in order of the SLC Number.  The PDF file is searchable.

The SLC Number is a 7 digit number, our report includes leading zeros.  Code of M means Film.  Films that start with 6 are actually Fiche. 

The FHC Number starts with ‘F-‘ followed by the state or country code.  It is used as a locator in our Library. So F-IA-25 means the 25th film in our Iowa group. 

Find the film first in Family Search. Then if you are interested in viewing the real thing, check this report to see if we have it.

If you need more help with using this report, perhaps we can create a Zoom “show-n-tell” meeting!  Ask Shelly about that.

The PDF file is in a submenu under FHC in the menu bar.  Find it here too:

Monthly Meeting – May 6, 2021 – “Searching with Confidence” by Cathy Andrews

Genealogy Basics Series – A virtual presentation on researching your family history and begin your search with confidence. Researching your family history can be fascinating, and frustrating. Whether you’ve gathering all sorts of information or laser-focused on one ancestor, there are habits and techniques that can help you make the most of the time you have. We’ll cover strategies for effective searches, options to help manage record keeping, and leveraging search goals to make the best progress on your genealogical research. This is the first part  of a series of classes provide by Salinas Public Library. Please check their website calendar for upcoming classes.

Cathy Andrews Senior Librarian at the Salinas Public Library, Education Services – Questions – email: You can register for her classes online. She has many years experience being a librarian, and researching her own family history.

The Zoom meeting will start at 7:00 pm sharp. Zoom meeting details will be sent by invitation only. If you are not a member and wish to attend, send an email with your email address to our Membership VP, Marilyn Ruccello

If you are not familiar with Zoom, click here.

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DNA Discussion Scheduling Change

We have decided to adjust the meeting schedule for the DNA Discussions group –> for the next few months we will meet every other month. Our next meeting will be in June 2021 when Terry Jackson will discuss his Big Y700 results!

If you are new to using DNA to enhance your genealogical searches, be sure to browse through the various site pointers we have collected here. MoCoGenSo is proud to have put together this list. Either look above at the Menu bar and select Genetics or go straight here:

Monterey Family History Center begins to Slowly Reopen

The 2020/2021 pandemic is not over, but Monterey County, CA has moved into the “orange” zone. Beginning May 1st, the Monterey California Family History Center will slowly begin to reopen! Yey, this is good news.

Access will start out by appointment only.

Do not just “show up” and expect to get in. Getting an appointment with a consultant will be an easy process. Call Jo Ann Robinson at 404-219-3425 to arrange for your FHC visit!

CDC guidelines will be strictly enforced. Masks will be required for everyone. Social distancing rules will apply, adjacent computers will be marked as “do not use”. Water fountains will be not used. Only one restroom will be available. Hand sanitizer dispensers and Lysol wipes will be available and their use encouraged. We will clean everything before each visit & each person will clean their own work station before leaving.

Do not attend if you or a member of your household has had a diagnosis COVID‐19 in the prior 10 days or any of these symptoms without an obvious alternative explanation: fever of 100 or higher, feeling of fever or chills, sore throat, shortness of breath/difficulty breathing, body aches/fatigue, cough, new loss of senses of smell or taste, headaches that are unusual for you, runny nose or congestion different from pre‐existing allergies.

It is not required that you have had your covid vaccine before you visit, but between you and me, it sure would be a good idea.

Find your family history in our Family History Center

Montery California Family History Center Address:

  • 1024 Noche Buena Street, Seaside, CA 93955 United States
  • The center is located at the corner of Noche Buena and Plumas Streets in Seaside
  • Please notice the signs on the outside of the left side of the building
  • Again, call Jo Ann at 404-219-3425 to arrange for your visit

Off the Charts : Presenting Ancestors’ STories (PAST) meets Wed. 4/21/2020 via Zoom @ 1:30 pm

family tree symbol icon logo design template

We are a genealogy group for people who like to think outside the box and beyond the chart. We exchange support for our work and excitement about how we’re sharing it. Our meetings include topics and speakers on writing, crafts, photo projects, organization, trips, reunions, issues, and much more.

Third Wednesdays 1:30-3:30 Contact Kathy or Karen 917-2042 for Zoom meeting details.

This Month: What to Do With Our Family History Research and our Family Heirlooms?.

Finding Rootstech 2021 Sessions

At the MoCoGenSo meeting in April we displayed some lists of the Rootstech 2021 sessions that are available for viewing.  These sessions are free and will be around for a full year! 
The PDF of ALL of the sessions can be found at the link below.  This 18 page document contains just the session title and speaker.  You can find the sessions you’re interested in by searching for the speaker at the Rootstech site.

To get the file, CLICK HERE.

If you loose track of this note, just search for “rootstech 2021 session list” and the link will appear at the top.
If you are interested in the list of just the DNA oriented sessions, you can find them here in our own web site.  This 7 page document contains not only the title and speaker, but it includes HOT LINKS to the Youtube version of the session.  Download the PDF and then just click the link to watch a show!

To get the file, CLICK HERE.

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Monthly Meeting – April 1, 2021 – “Rootstech 2021 Forum: Share a Tip Learned at the Virtual Rootstech Experience” Co-hosts: Shelley McFadden & Joseph Donahue

Genealogist’s dream of attending the Annual Rootstech Conference in Salt Lake City, UT. Professional genealogists, and family researchers, gather to share and learn what is new in the world of genealogical research; all hoping to find a new solution to solve their own family mystery. How often have you thought about traveling to Salt Lake City, in order, to be educated by those famous genealogy professionals? This year, Rootstech is introducing – “Rootstech Connect: A FREE Online Conference Experience.” We can all attend this virtual event from our own home computer. The Conference – February 25-27, 2021. This event was livestreamed or on demand, and you can access the classes up to 12 months after the conference.

Monterey County Genealogy Society has decided to dedicate their April 1, 2021 program to the Rootstech Experience. Each of us will have an opportunity to share tips learned at this year’s Rootstech Conference. Our plan is to share with other members new or more effective ways to complete our family genealogy, learned at Rootstech.

Shelley McFadden holds a BFA in Fine Arts, and is a retired RN. She had worked for over 40 yrs on her family genealogy. She is member of MoCoGenSo, 1st V.President – Programs and past Acting President. Also a member of Commodore Sloat Chapter of the DAR, and Assoc. member of Aloha Chapter of DAR. Charter member of NSCDA in Hawaii. Teaches Beginning Genealogy and Newspaper Research.

Joseph T. Donahue, retired RN. All of my Great-Grandparents immigrated from other countries: Ireland, England, Germany, and Italy. As a young Child, I asked my Dad which was I mostly. He said Irish, a fact supported half a century later by DNA testing. I was named after my Dad’s Brother, who died in England while serving in the U.S. Army during WWII. In the early 1980’s, Aunt, Margie fueled my interest in genealogy by sharing info she gathered by interviewing my paternal Grandfather, research done as a member of the Root Cellar Sacramento Genealogical Society, and travels to the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, UT. I am a member of MoCoGenSo since and serve on their Board of Directors.

The Zoom meeting will start at 7:00 pm sharp. Zoom meeting details will be sent by invitation only. If you are not a member and wish to attend, send an email with your email address to our Membership VP, Marilyn Ruccello .

If you are not familiar with Zoom, click here.

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