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Off the Charts : Presenting Ancestors’ STories (PAST) : meets on 3rd Wednesdays May 17 via Zoom @ 1:30 pm

We are a genealogy group for people who like to think outside the box and beyond the chart. We exchange support for our work and excitement about how we’re sharing it. Our meetings include topics and speakers on writing, crafts, photo projects, organization, trips, reunions, issues, and much more.

Wednesday May 17th @ 1:30-3:30 ==> Contact Kathy for Zoom meeting details.

This Month we will be focusing on CURIOSITIES: Trips Down the Rabbit Hole.

Borrowed from Lewis Carrol’s 1865 Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland, going down the rabbit hole, in this digital age, has become a metaphor for something that transports one to a captivating and time-consuming topic. We will share our own experience with going down a rabbit hole that is off-focus and seemingly not pertinent to our own family history. In doing so, quite unintentionally, Kathy and Robin found common ground, literally, between the two of us and, in the process, helped more than one other with family history mysteries. PLEASE join us and share a rabbit-hole story.

Every meeting includes a chance to connect, ask questions, and update genealogy friends on your latest discoveries or roadblocks. We also have an opportunity to receive inspiration from others and to help.