DNA Discussion Group meets Wednesday February 1st

The MoCoGenSo DNA Sig will resume operations, with scheduling like before: First Wednesday of the month at noon via Zoom. Reserve the time in your calendar!

A DNA Discussion Group (SIG) is a group of individuals who have a shared interest in using DNA testing for genealogy and family history research. DNA SIGs typically provide a forum for members to share information, resources, and expertise related to DNA testing and genealogy. Newcomers, beginners, are always welcome!

Please let us know if you would be able to present or share some of the tools or issues you are interested in. Maybe you have a topic or a speaker that you think others might be interested in. Perhaps you can facilitate a meeting. We can all learn from each other.

We haven’t met for 6 months. Lots of things have been happening in the genetic genealogy field in that time. Below are some of the new tools that have shown up at the DNA Painter wed site. Hopefully someone can show us how these things work.

Ancestry . com has not been standing still either. There are many new things that I want to learn how to use. Of course, discussing the Sawtooth Slayer Methodology could easily take a whole session. And I hear that FamilyTreeDNA has not been standing still either. Building clusters is my current pet peeve.

If there is a particular tool or strategy you would like to share with others, or a genetic genealogy problem you would like the group to advise you on, get enough screenshots prepared in advance so you’ll be able to describe the technique step by step on screen, or show us the DNA-related work you’ve already done on your problem case.

My job is facilitator, or door keeper, if you would. Come join us next week. If you can’t make it this month, don’t worry. We plan to be here next month, and the next…

Click to Join Meeting: Zoom Link

Meeting ID: 897 1823 5118
Passcode: 738495

2 thoughts on “DNA Discussion Group meets Wednesday February 1st

  1. nupe1968

    Good Morning:

    Do I need to join or pay a fee to participate in the February 1, 2023 group meeting?

    Please advise, Lawrence Winkfield ________________________________


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