Off the Charts : Presenting Ancestors’ STories (PAST) : meets on 3rd Wednesdays via Zoom @ 1:30 pm

We are a genealogy group for people who like to think outside the box and beyond the chart. We exchange support for our work and excitement about how we’re sharing it. Our meetings include topics and speakers on writing, crafts, photo projects, organization, trips, reunions, issues, and much more.

Wednesday November 16th @ 1:30-3:30 ==> Contact Kathy or Karen 917-2042 for Zoom meeting details.

This Month: Jennifer Coile will tell us about her husband’s grandmother, illuminating research methods in the process.

Emma Wahl Robrock, 1883-1951: a life half hidden by ten years of hospitalization- the life story of a journey from a northeastern Iowa farm and 8th grade education to Chicago, Mitchell SD, and Los Angeles, despite being hospitalized three times for many years at Iowa’s Independence State Hospital for the Insane. 1883-1951. Today’s descendants knew almost nothing about her until OTC, a PI, a feminist historian and other surprises in 2020-22 revealed pieces of her story: hospital records, album of 180 postcards, online newspapers, emails with cousins, court records, census, photos, and ancestry hints.

Every meeting includes a chance to connect, ask questions, and update genealogy friends on your latest discoveries or roadblocks. We also have an opportunity to receive inspiration from others and to help.

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