Genealogical Society of Santa Cruz – Sept 6th & Oct 4th – German Immigrant Research in 2 Parts

Gordon Seyffert, President of the Immigrant Genealogical Society of California, will present a dynamic two-part program on the subject of German immigrant research. The September meeting will examine some of the common inquiries Mr. Seyffert has encountered during his tenure at the Immigrant Society. At the October meeting, Mr. Seyffert will examine questions submitted by you, our attendees. We ask that you please submit your questions when you register for this event. Directions for submitting your questions will be seen on the library’s registration page, when you click the above links. While we can’t guarantee Mr. Seyffert will get to all of them, he is certainly going to try and answer as many as he can, in October.

Gordon Seyffert is a retired university staffer who was born in St. Louis. His ancestry is half-and-half German and British Isles. His primary interest is German genealogy, since several of his ancestors immigrated to the U.S. in the mid-nineteenth century. He is especially interested in migration, and the factors that cause people to relocate.

Gordon says that he is a genealogist because he is a curious person who wants to know from whence he came. He categorizes himself as a life-long learner. He refuses to be intimidated by problems of unfamiliar language and culture. Gordon is proud to be a talented amateur who enjoys helping others. How far back has his research taken him? Far enough to explain who he is!

NOTE: You MUST register at this address in order to attend.

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