Mocogenso DNA Group is Paused through 2022

The MoCoGenSo DNA Sig is on hold for the remainder of the year. We will reevaluate its resumption in 2023.

In the meanwhile, there are many great DNA Sigs and Discussion groups throughout the country that are free for the joining. In fact, we have a few right here on the West coast. For example, have you heard of Randy Seaver? He is a long time genealogist who runs a DNA Sig for the Chula Vista Genealogical Society. This link goes to their main page where there is link to the next DNA meeting! Their meetings are via Zoom and are quite interesting. The last one I attended had 32 folks present!

For those who want pure genealogy, Randy Seaver runs a blog that is worth checking out.

And do not forget the Genealogy Society of Santa Cruz County right here in the Monterey Bay area. They also have a DNA Sig that can be found the calendar on their main page at:

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