Upload a new tree into MyHeritage

MyHeritage User Guide

Tree Replacement after DNA connected to Tree

  1. Download GEDCOM from Ancestry
    1. Rename it _2 or _3 etc
  2. Upload into MyHeritage, making sure name is different
    1. Wait until email is received saying processing is complete
  3. Picture handling
    1. Download pictures from 1st tree (under Family Tree, My Photos)
      1. You should actually have all photos for genealogy sites in one folder somewhere so you don’t have to download them again. This step refers to pictures copied from within MyHeritage and never downloaded before. Big chore maybe.
  4. Click somewhere making new tree the default (under Family Tree, Manage trees, Actions)
  5. Connect DNA to new Tree (see below)
  6. Delete 1st tree
  7. Upload pictures into 2nd tree (under Family Tree, My family tree, pick new tree)


  1. Move your mouse over the ‘Home’ tab and click on ‘Site Members’.
  2. Select the name in the tree
    1. NOTE: If you have already been associated with another tree, and you would like to correct the association to a different tree, click on the ‘More’ link on the right side and select ‘Fix relationship’.  Then you will see the empty field next to your name.
    1. Next to your name you will see the empty field where you should enter a name to find the corresponding person in the tree.
    1. Start typing the name in the same way it shows in the tree, in the empty field.
    1. Select the correct variant from the pop-up that appears.
    1. Click ‘Apply’

Assigning DNA to another person in the tree


My master tree is not in MyHeritage, but I do use and like MyHeritage. So, once in a while, I cut a gedcom from elsewhere and upload it to Myheritage, and eventually delete my previous tree. Since I have DNA and pictures in MH, there are a few steps required. I wrote the above for myself and another user requested a copy so I have posted it here. The steps have worked for me a few times, but “let the buyer beware’!

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