DNA Discussions – zoom at noon on Wednesday – May 4th

MoCoGenSo’s DNA Discussion Group will be meeting Wednesday with an open forum. Join us via Zoom. Feel free to drop in for conversation and stay for lunch.

Check out this great page full of information for newcomers to genetic genealogy isogg.org/wiki/Wiki_Welcome_Page

This meeting will start with discussions about our latest finds. Then we will move on to questions and discussions.

Click to Join Meeting: Zoom Link

Meeting ID: 897 1823 5118
Passcode: 738495

Reviewing the book Research Like A Pro With DNA

Learning how to use DNA with genealogy can be difficult. We have found that trial and error can be costly and time consuming. Finding a good book can quite often help speed up our learning process. Our DNA Discussion Group has found a book that many of us have found useful. But not everyone in the group has bought the book, so we have decided to review it, one chapter at a time. This week we will review chapter 8, the one about Tools and Methodology!

To see my earlier review of Research Like A Pro With DNA, Click Here

Join us Wednesday at the DNA Discussion Group to also hear about Nathan Dylan Goodwin’s latest book about mysteries solved with forensic genealogy titled The Foundlings . I bought the book and attended the webinar with Diahan Southard and Mr Goodwin as they discussed the methods used in the book! The following snippet is from Diahan Southard’s webinar.

  • Puzzles of life:
  • Why is it when we put French bread in the toaster we don’t get French toast ?
  • Why does Hawaii have an interstate ?
  • Why do the Flintstones celebrate Christmas ?
  • Why are nickels bigger than dimes ?
  • Why doesn’t Tarzan have a beard ?
  • Why do people say tuna fish but don’t say beef mammal or chicken bird ?
  • Why do mirrors reflect sideways but not upside down ?

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