Book: Research Like a Pro with DNA

The other day, Jonny Pearl of the DNA Painter web site distributed his monthly newsletter.  There was a link to a blurb about this book.  I was in a susceptible mood, and I have a great deal of respect for the DNA Painter web site, so I bought the book! I am NOT unhappy about it. 

The team at Family Locket Genealogists (  Diana Elder, AG, Nicole Dyer, and Robin Wirthlin share the method they use in their professional research to incorporate DNA with documentary evidence. 

This book is easy to understand, detailed and comprehensive.  This will help if you just can’t seem to ‘get’ what to do with your DNA results! It is great for those who want to understand before they test too!

They have lots of “how to” stuff relating to the various web sites.  I have been building up a list of things from this book that I need to try at Ancestry, FTDNA and My Heritage and I thought I knew it all! 

This book is like having a college level course in genetic genealogy.  I wish we had a classroom environment with lectures and lab work where we could use our own DNA and family tree as the creatures we are to dissect!   

There is both a Kindle version (9.99) and a paperback version (27.87) available in Amazon. 

We don’t normally post advertisements for books here, but I promised the DNA Discussions group that I would review it for them.

Jim Robeson

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