How to catch a killer OR learn more about your ancestry!

Last month, the New Yorker magazine had an article about Ce Ce Moore and the process they use at DNA Adoption to help adoptees find their family.

You can read the article here:

I have extracted the basic process and have listed it here:

“The first step was to establish a DNA profile for the adoptee in a database like GEDmatch, to look for partial genetic matches with other users. The people linked with those matches were not always easy to identify; some users logged on without any personal information or, worse, under aliases. But, when the genealogists succeeded, they could trace back family trees until they identified common ancestors. Then they would reverse the process: starting from the common ancestors, they would build a complete tree of all the descendants, knowing that the adoptee’s parents had to be among them. The amount of DNA that the adoptee shared with matches in the database was a key clue to where he or she belonged in the larger tree; personal details, like birth dates and geography, could also provide clues.”

The Methodology:

  • Establish DNA profile in a database
    • Look for genetic matches with other people
      • <look for those with family trees>
    • Trace back family trees until they find common ancestors

Then reverse the process,

  • Starting from the common ancestors,
    • Build a complete tree of all the descendants
    • The adoptee’s parents or the killer or yourself has to be among them

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