Editing My Family Tree

A few days ago, I wrote about using LearnForeverLearn to edit a Gedcom downloaded from Ancestry.com. I have learned quite a bit since then about checking my own tree. For example, I had 84 people with unknown gender!

Ancestry does not have an edit report in their web site. At least I can’t find one. That amazed me. One would think that would be an easy program to write! Especially given that one of their main products is building trees!

MyHeritage does have a slick online editing routine called Consistency Checker. It is fun and easy to use. It even flagged a completely blank record. The problem was that that record was not attached to anything, so I couldn’t find it.

My master database is the Ancestry tree, I previously uploaded my Gedcom into MyHeritage, so I had to fix the data in Ancestry.

I finally found the blank record in Ancestry by running the List of All People found under the Tree Search when a tree is open. It had sorted to the top!

LearnForeverLearn and MyHeritage flag many of the same errors. But MyHeritage has a few unique nice ones, like multiple spaces between names in a name field.

If you are MyHeritage only, you are ok. Just run the Consistency Checker once in a while.

If you are Ancestry only, you should use the LearnForeverLearn/ancestors web site. Or use a copy of RootsMagic at our local FHC. The report you need is under Tools called Problem Search.

If you are Ancestry and MyHeritage like me, then use all 4! And slow down when adding new records. And be super careful when copying data from other trees! Edit and source as you go. (My problem lately has been adding DNA matches discovered in Thrulines to my tree. Lots of those people have not yet read these posts!) 🙂

1 thought on “Editing My Family Tree

  1. Jim Robeson

    Darn, we just discovered that the FHC network is blocking the LearnForeverLearn web site. No reason was given. But currently people can’t come to the FHC and expect to run the Gedcom edit like I suggested. Darn.


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