Saving your family tree

More thoughts in the rain.  Suppose you are one of the lucky ones who has researched and created a rather large family tree.  You want to preserve the data and share it with others, but there are many reasons why you can’t. Not everyone wants to use FamilySearch, especially when living people are involved.

The funny thing is, no one ever talks about this kind of a puzzle during the meetings here at MoCoGenSo.  We act like everyone in genealogy is just out to search or source. Trust me, I am not about to create a “talk” here about various ideas to help with this issue.  Following is just a couple of ideas that might lead someone to think outside the box. 

If just preserving the data is more important than retaining a database, I suggest that HTML will continue to exist for at least as long as other options.  Thus I would consider using GedSite to create HTML files of the entire project a very good preservation alternative.  While this does not save the project as a database, it does preserve all the data in a very readable format. 

GedSite, developed by John Cardinale, creates web pages from a GEDCOM file. It generates either narrative or grid style person pages, a master index, a surname index, source pages, and any other pages you wish to add. You can review the site on your own PC before you share it with anyone. You can publish it on the web, or distribute it via a DVD or flash drive. 

Find out more here:

There is also an archive hosting plan from Family History Hosting LLC operated by John Cardinal which ensures your genealogy files will stay online for 10 years from your last payment. Frankly, this method may be easier than trying to create a blog yourself and then building the HTML reading system yourself. You can have your own family tree web site! 

Find out more here:

I am not trying to “push” these products. In fact, I don’t use them myself. But they have a good reputation, and I am putting this information out to help folks who might have a need. Creating an HTML dump of my family tree is on my long todo list! 

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