DNA Discussions – zoom at noon on Wednesday – October 6th

MoCoGenSo’s DNA Discussion Group will be meeting Wednesday with an open forum. Join us via Zoom. Feel free to drop in for conversation and stay for lunch.

Check out this great page full of information for newcomers to genetic genealogy isogg.org/wiki/Wiki_Welcome_Page

This meeting will start with Terry Jackson and Jim Robeson discussing how they discovered they are related in a “way back” sense. See description below.

Click to Join Meeting: Zoom Link

Meeting ID: 897 1823 5118
Passcode: 738495

To get a clear description of the Y DNA haplogroup, go to


To get a brief overview of Y DNA tests, go to


To find out why the male determining chromosome is called Y (blame Edmund Beecher Wilson), go to


To find out why there is a model Y Tesla automobile, go to



I1a-M253 > DF29 > CTS6364 > S4795 > S4767 > S4770 > Y13495/Y13016 > Y29634/S4774 > A13294 > FTA86767


I1a-M253 > DF29 > CTS6364 > Z2337/CTS10028 > S6346 > L22 > FGC83305 > FGC28756 > FGC28751 > Y49398 > FT377135

Meanwhile, did you know that YNT means “why not” in modern text jargon?  🙂

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