Merger Mania

Geneanet (based in France) has just announced that it has been acquired by Ancestry . com.

Last month, Filae (also based in France) was acquired by My Heritage.

It seems that the French genealogists have decided that if you can’t beat them, then you better join them!

In case you forgot….

12 months ago, Blackstone acquired Ancestry . com.

8 months ago, myDNA and Gene by Gene (owner of FamilyTreeDNA) merged.

7 months ago, Francisco Partners acquired MyHeritage.

1 month ago, 23andMe became a publicly traded company (symbol ME). You can become an “owner” today for about $9 a share!

Everybody keeps saying that nothing negative will happen, things will only get better. Crossing fingers, here. From my perspective, when mergers occur, either customer growth occurs or employment decreases.

I just wish one of these companies would merge with an Artificial Intelligence company!

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