Monterey Family History Center is Open

We have received word from Jo Ann Robinson, Director of the Monterey Family History Center that the church has reopened which includes the FHC Library. The library is still taking appointment’s due a shortage of librarians, you can call Jo Ann Robinson (404) 219-3425. 

But the FHC is open Tuesday mornings 9:00 to noon, and Thursday afternoons 1:30 to 4:30.  You can drop in without an appointment at these times.  The hours will expand as more librarians return to the center. Patrons are now allowed to use the facilities on an individual basis without masks and social distancing, but county parameters are still in flux.

Find your family history in our Family History Center

2 thoughts on “Monterey Family History Center is Open

  1. neilpolinggmailcom

    I know that I have not been a member very long. I joined just as COVID started and everything stopped. But what are the requirements to be a volunteer librarian.

    Neil Poling


    1. MoCoGenSo Webmaster Post author

      There is not a real requirement list, and you do not have to be a member of MoCoGenSo either. You would be working for the Family History Center. You do not have to be a member of the LDS church either.

      What you do need is an interest in genealogy and a willingness to help other people learn about their own family history. Volunteer workers spend about 2-4 hours a week in the FHC in Seaside helping one-on-one who ever drops in.

      Jo Ann Robinson is the Director and volunteers report to her. She is the “hiring manager”. Obviously you would need to contact her.

      But, if I were you, I would first go over to the FHC first and look around. Talk to the current volunteers and see if you are still interested. Then call Jo Ann.

      The FHC is open this week Tuesday 9-12 and Thursday 1:30-4:30.

      Do drop in….

      Jim Robeson, a 10 year FHC volunteer, and the Webmaster at MoCoGenSo


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