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“one of our followers reached out to the Help Desk at rootstech and received this reply.”

I am so sorry you have not received the marketing emails about RootsTech. We will go live on at 5:00 am Greenwich Mean Time on February 25th and stay on 24 hours a day for the next three days. You can join at whatever times are convenient for you.

All class sessions and discovery content will be available on demand, so you can watch at whatever time works for you; you’re not confined to watching at a specific time. Main stage presentations will also be available on demand after the second day. The virtual expo hall will be open throughout the event as well. All of the classes and after the second day, all of our keynote speakers will be available on demand, and will stay up on our site until RootsTech 2022.

Below are the links to the classes available and the Main Stage schedule.
Main Stage Schedule:
Sessions List:

The following video will give you a sneak peek at the live RootsTech website:

“(PST = GMT -8, therefore go live for PST is Feb 24, 9pm)”

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