Joe’s ideas

Joseph Donahue is one of our Board members. He serves two roles, one as Recording Secretary, the other as Archivist. Joe recently sent Board members ideas that he hopes we can use. I figure many of us might use them!

I read that offers a 30% discount to AARP members. At my renewal time, I used the savings to upgrade from World Explorer to All Access membership, which includes Newspapers and found my older Sister’s wedding announcement which I shared with her and other family.

One suggestion for a meeting topic: “Share What You Learned by Attending” I look forward to attending on 25 -27 Feb 2021, virtual and free for the first time ever, and know that I’ll need help with using new skills.

Btw, if you are interested in leading the meeting Joe is interested in, please contact Shelley McFadden, our VP in charge of Programs. Perhaps a round table discussion meeting would work.

” This planet will survive any kind of climate change, it’s us who are in danger.” – Reinhard Huttl

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