Open Positions

The Monterey County Genealogical Society still has some open positions that might interest you. Take it from me, these positions become what you make of them.  Flexibility is built in!  Each position is a one-year term requiring two short meetings each month and they are as follows:

Genealogist shall:

• Conduct workshop meetings of the Society.
• Serve the membership of the Society, counseling members about genealogical research.
• Organize study groups as needed, with attendance at such meetings being limited to members of The Society.
• Bring items of genealogical interest to the attention of the members.
• Serve in an advisory capacity as needed by officers and committees.
• Present an Annual Report for the Annual Business Meeting.

Publications Chairperson shall:

• Be responsible for all incoming and outgoing publications of the Society with the exception of the newsletter.
• Publish all materials except the newsletter.
• Be responsible for publication sales.
• Recommend the purchase of items identified by the local genealogy library and members, and act as liaison between libraries and the Society.
• Present an Annual Summary Report for the Annual Business Meeting.

Parliamentarian shall:

• Give procedural advice to the Presiding officer and to any member.

If you interested in genealogy and would like to volunteer please contact Gary Carlsen, President.

” Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” – Theodore Roosevelt

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