Monterey History “They Followed Serra” part 7

(by Gary Carlsen, from a column written for the MoCoGenSo Newsletter from 1997-1999)


Professor Granville W. Hough of the South Coast Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution had notified us in early March that the National SAR board had approved the eligibility of descendants of Spanish soldiers who served in California from 1779 to 1783 while Spain was officially at war with England, along with the American colonies. Then in mid-April, he notified us:

“Accepted as members of SAR on 20 March 1998 were two descendants of Alta California soldiers who were in service between 21 June 1779 and 3 September 1783 while Spain was at war with the Great Britain.”

One is Peter David Hill of Cleveland, Ohio, descendant of Jos• Mgximo Alanis. The other is Stephen Darrell Machado of Monrovia. California, descendant of Jos• Manuel Machado.

Professor Hough goes on to say that, “We now invite any male descendant of the 1779-1783 Spanish soldiers to apply for membership in our organization. I will gladly send SAR information and a list of 205 Spanish soldiers we had identified with families to anyone interested. The DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) has not yet taken action. so we can only work with sons or brothers or fathers of any women who are interested. We would be very pleased to do that.”

“I can refer you to a chapter closer to you than our South Coast Chapter, which in Orange and Los Angeles counties. The only advantage with us is that we have done the research which supports membership, and we can tell you the references which are most useful. You can join us and transfer to any chapter you like.”


In addition to the address which Professor Granville W. Hough has furnished us for the South Coast Chapter of the SAR, he has also given us a web site address which will give a great deal of information about the SAR in general.

The chapter has a web site at: http://home.earthli nk.neti-wigglesi which will give you access to a marvelously crafted and interesting set of materials, some of which relates directly to Hispanic history of individuals and organizations. Give yourself plenty of time to take all this in.

If you simply want to access directly the listing of the soldiers of 1779-1783, add to the above address: hispanic.html. A printout of this latter material will be about fifteen pages long. Not only does it list the men who were at the various presidios during the period in which Spain was at war with Britain; but also contains information on the navy at San Blas.

Reprinted from Nocitias para Los Californianos Vol XXX, No 3 July 1998.

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