DNA Success Story

Another local friend found close family through DNA testing! I learned of the success last week when I was told that my friend had “found” his bio-mother and six half siblings! Quite a haul, I would say. Since I had coerced him into taking a DNA test three years ago, I naturally wanted to know how he did it.

He had given up and quit looking. There were no big matches back then and tree guesstimate’s were not in his personality. But he is a communicator! Early on, he had contacted some of his distant matches and one of them offered to monitor his DNA when he expressed frustration. That was three years ago.

And then luck stepped in. Someone somewhere bought their father a DNA test at AncestryDNA and the father turned out to be my friend’s half brother! And my friend’s distant cousin, who had more patience than either of us, was on top of it. She called the match, confirmed the details, and put the two “new” brothers in contact with each other.

    Take away?

  1. Communication for sure. If he hadn’t emailed his distant cousins, this awareness might not have happened. And if she hadn’t called the new match, this might not have happened.
  2. Patience for sure. If she hadn’t continued to watch, for three years, this knowledge might have gone dark. True, the brother might have tried contacting his new match, but given that my friend had quit looking, this might have been another of those “no contact” emails!
  3. Last take away? Take the darn test!

Finally, if you have taken a DNA test at AncestryDNA, and are getting bored, don’t just forget about it. Don’t delete it. Instead, assign someone to manage it for you!

” The answer to life = (-80538738812075974)^3 + 80435758145817515^3 + 12602123297335631^3 = 42.”

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