MyHeritage is having a sale!

Sometimes we are asked “What DNA test is the best?”  Humm, that is dependent on you purpose for doing the test in the first place.  We can talk about that in a future version of the DNA Discussions Sig.  

Meanwhile, I generally say that the top companies are AncestryDNA, 23andMe, Family Tree DNA, and MyHeritage.  I go on to suggest that the questioner wait for a sale — and then buy.  Well, MyHeritage has a sale going on now, during April, that is the lowest I have ever seen, $39 !  If you are really serious about taking an autosomal DNA test, go for this now.  MyHeritage is a good company, has great reporting systems, and your data can be downloaded for future use. And it has a big enough pool of testers that you are bound to find matches!  

You need to know that MyHeritage has an annual fee too, for building a tree, etc. But for the DNA, the $39 can’t be beat.

others currently 4/3/2020
FTDNA – $79 , no annual
AncestryDNA – $99 , annual
23andMe (ancestry only) – $99 , no annual

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