Things to do: revised

Genealogists who know a bit about history know that the Spanish Flu was not the end of the world.  Many of our ancestors and older cousins lived through that period!  It is import for our children and grandchildren to be told that life will go on through this covid-19 virus period too.

RootsMagic has a “Who Was There”report that is a slick way to find people who lived and died during the Spanish Flu period (Jan 1918 – Dec 1920).   The report will show people who lived in that time, if even for a short time.  Some people lived through the period, some were born during it, and some died during it.  (Please note that not everyone died of the flu, some were killed in the war, some died of “old age” and some had accidents.)

The report can be output to a text file and then imported into a spreadsheet for further  manipulation.  Just note that the file is TAB delimited.

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