Wisdom Words

Because I did a show-n-tell on using ThruLines from AncestryDNA, I feel sorta responsible that some people might trust what I say too much! I read lots of blogs about genealogy and genetics and so feel personally cautious when I am doing research. And as Charlie can tell you, my own trees might not be perfect 🙂

If you are jumping into ThruLines with gusto this week, my advice is to read this posting about it by Roberta Estes in her blog DNA Explained soon.


She and I are not saying don’t use ThruLines. Instead, we are saying to be cautious about what you put into your tree! As Roberta says, you are entering Gator land ….


Perhaps I should hold a session again on using Feedly as a blog consolidation tool. Humm. Anyone interested in a “team teaching” session at the MoCoGenSo or the DNA Sig meetings? If so, send an email or talk to Shelley or Barbara.

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