ThruLines Cookie Workaround

Follow-up to our DNA SIG meeting yesterday:

We discussed the Cookie problem when using ThruLines in AncestryDNA. It has been posted in the web that clearing cookies before going into Ancestry will solve the disappearing Thrulines problem. But many people do not know how to clear their cookies! We know AncestryDNA is working on the issue, but they can’t rush a fix since this is their bread-n-butter system.

Suggestions have been made as a workaround that should help those who don’t know how to clear their cookies. In Chrome simply open an Incognito window by clicking on the 3 dots in upper right corner and then click the menu item before going into Ancestry. In Firefox, open a Private window via similar right click menu.  This should work in all OS types, Windows, Apple, Linux.

See Kitty Cooper’s blog for more information about ThruLines in general and the note about the work around.

“The infantry is always ahead of headquarters.” – James Barksdale

1 thought on “ThruLines Cookie Workaround

  1. Carleen Foster

    Thank you – I really enjoyed Saturday’s meeting.  Wish I could attend more often.  Another thank you for today’s note.  I had thrulines come up last week but went to play with it this morning only to have circles again.  Your cookie eraser worked like a charm.  Now I have a bunch more ancestor clues including a potential 5th great grandmother born 1795 in Middlesex County Virginia  died 1793 Sussex County England source somebodies Ancestry tree.  I am a known cousin of the woman, confirmed by paper and DNA, who posted the information but a bit leary of her research  Is there still suppose to be a DNA  connection with the potential and myself?   I know the ancestor in question, have the same death date but have not found her birth or christening record – kind of doubt she died before she was born – so on paper she is an ancestor.  Is there a DNA segment confirming the relationship?  I believe there was in the circles. Thanks again – I enjoy your posts and of course appreciate your pointing out to me that close and 1st cousin are not the same thing.  My brother and wife will be visiting me this coming weekend.  My full sister and his half met them in Washington last July.  His is a very interesting story. Carleen Foster


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