Dates in FamilySearch

A new FamilySearch tool personalizes dates in history for you. The Calendar of Ancestral Moments lets you see what important events happened in your family history on particular calendar dates.

To get started, simply visit, and log in to your FamilySearch Account. Your ancestor calendar should appear. Starting at the beginning of the year, the calendar finds events from your ancestors’ lives for each calendar date.

This is kinda fun! There is also a downloadable one-year calendar. It is loaded with “adverts”, but a good PDF editor could fix that issue.

You can also link to FaceBook Messenger, but I am not interested in that. The system can send daily notes to the Messenger app. For more information, go to the FamilySearch blog:

Another way to get dates out of a Gedcom of your tree is to use the program Oxy-Gen. This program is totally free. It is also sorta primitive. But, it is great in that it does not get “installed” into your Windows system. The software comes in a ZIP file and you just unzip it! Then find the EXE file and run it! Just be careful where you unzip it as it creates a few sub-folders.

You feed the program a Gedcom and have it create a CSV file. Then open the CSV in Excel or LibreOffice. The program can output into many other file formats, but I am interested in CSV so I can create a list of dated events, like birth dates.

Find the program here for the English page. Or search for “oxy-gen gedcom”. Or come to the Monterey FHC on Friday mornings with your Gedcom and I will run it for you! 🙂

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