23andMe Upgrade Policy Coming?

I tested my DNA at 23andMe in February 2010 on what was called their “chip 2”. Time marches on and 23andMe has developed new chips and new Wellness reports. They are on “chip 5” now. Some of these reports are not available for people who tested early because the SNPs used in the new reports were not included on the older chips.

A couple of weeks ago, I sent a note to the 23andMe Helpdesk asking about an upgrade policy wherein I could retest AND keep all of my ancestry matches I have collected over the years and not have to respond again to all of those health questionnaires.

The Customer Care team responded within a few days with some optimistic news. I don’t think it is wrong of me to share part of their response with you, especially since they did not say it was a secret. This is the salient part:

“Customers genotyped on our latest genotyping chip are eligible for the reports. Upgrades are unavailable at this time. We are currently working on an upgrade policy for our customers and would encourage you to wait for this policy to be finalized. The upgrade policy will allow you to be genotyped on our most up-to-date chip at a discounted rate. More information about upgrades will be available in the coming months.”

I am excited about what this “upgrade policy” will include. They did not specifically say my matches would be retained, but the very idea that they are thinking about it sounds hopeful. “Willing to wait, I am.”

“Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.” – Carl Bard

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