Family Tree Visualization

This is a quick note to tell you about a web based tool I just discovered tonight. It is so much fun that I had to pop this post so you can try it too (before it goes away?).

The tool is called “Family Tree Visualization” and it can be found here:

The tool analyzes your family tree (from the gedcom you upload) and then gives you an interactive display of the tree on your screen. But don’t stop there, move the mouse pointer around, click on the places where I have marked in red below (see left side too), scroll the mouse wheel, experiment => the darn thing is full of information about your tree. This is an excellent tool that is both fun and useful.

The display only shows your ancestors, but the statistics include summarizations from all of your tree! So upload a full gedcom. Use this on your desktop or laptop computer because you need the mouse. No iPads here!

“Wow, this is amazing.” If this is old news to you, then I can only say “Why didn’t you tell me before?”

2 thoughts on “Family Tree Visualization

  1. Gary Carlsen


    Will put this in next newsletter


    The difficult we do immediately

    The impossible takes awhile

  2. BFL

    Hi – I am the developer of this. Thanks for writing about it! You can view descendants and a lot of other stuff (see for some details).

    You switch to a descendant view by either finding the person in the file by clicking the “Change Root Person” button and then clicking the descendant icon, or clicking one of the circles in the graph and then clicking the descendant icon (the icon is an inverted V looking thing).



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