Witches in Scotland and Elsewhere

This morning, the Ancestry.com Blog had information about a new collection they have added that contains the names of witches in Scotland! You can read the full article here.

Witches in Scotland 1658

When you click the link to the Names of Witches in Scotland, 1658 collection, you end up in the UK side of Ancestry. If you just wait a couple of seconds, it will switch to the US side.

I was interested in searching the list for two reasons. First, my paternal line has been traced into Scotland in the 1600’s. And more importantly, I have a documented witch in my family tree!

I was surprised when I discovered someone who might be related to me. A woman named Margaret Lornner was married to Thomas Robison. She was “accused” of witchery in 1658 in Ardrossan, Scotland. I have to be fair, I have not proved a relationship to me, yet. My line of Robeson’s seems to be from the Kelso, Scotland area. But, witchery has been found in my family.

My 8th great grandfather George Martin’s 2nd wife was Susanna Martin. Susanna became involved in the insanity known as the Salem Witch Trial. She was among the five women who were tried for witchcraft June 30, 1692. Although the court tried to wring confessions from the accused, none would do so. All were condemned to death by hanging. The executions took place July 19, 1692. Susanna was 66 years old at the time of her death.

So, if you have Scottish interests, you should give a quick peek at this collection. Perhaps you too have a witch in your history!

You do need an account at Ancestry to get all the way in. If you don’t have one, come to the FHC and use the Ancestry account there.

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