FamilySearch Will Be Down This Monday

The FamilySearch website will be undergoing a technical upgrade Monday, June 27th starting at 12 midnight MDT(6am UTC), and may be down for up to 24 hours as they test the system. (This will be 10pm Sunday night on the edge of the Western world!)

The entire FamilySearch system will be down, including the APIs that connects to outside applications, such as RootsMagic or the IOS app.

This is a big deal. Nobody shuts their website down for up to 24 hours. Something really important must be in the works.  This presumably involves the cutover to the New Tree Foundation. Once the link between NFS and Family Tree is broken, Tree functionality should improve, especially regarding merging duplicates. This should be better after the cutover occurs.

This is a major upgrade to the FamilySearch back end.  Scheduling up to 24 hours implies FamilySearch is going to do everything they can to insure no lost data.

Tune in Tuesday morning to see how things went.  Join the party at our own local Family History Center all day Tuesday as we learn how to use the new system 🙂

1 thought on “FamilySearch Will Be Down This Monday

  1. Terry Meehan Gardner

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