Old Monterey County Newspapers Now Online!

If you are doing genealogical research for folks in Monterey County and have wanted to view old newspapers, you had to go to the library to read old microfilms. If you didn’t live in the area, this could be kinda hard to do. Well, hallelujah, blow the horns and wave the flags…. The Monterey Public Library has digitized most of the old newspapers and has made them available online! For free!

The Monterey Herald Newspaper announced the opening of the system today 6/16/2016. This excerpt is from the Herald:

The Monterey Public Library has completed the digitization of its holdings of newspapers on microfilm spanning the years from 1846 to 1930. The papers are now available on the Monterey Public Library’s website and articles can be searched by date, name and event.

Available publications include Alta California, Monterey Argus, Monterey Weekly Cypress, Monterey New Era, Monterey Democrat, Monterey Republican, California Star and Peninsula Daily Herald, among others.

The library is currently continuing the process by digitizing the next batch of Monterey newspapers from 1930 to 1950. Microfilm reels spanning these years will be unavailable during the procedure.

Read the complete announcement in the Herald by clicking here.

You can go straight to the Library page describing what papers are digitized by clicking here www.monterey.org/library/History-Room/Historical-Newspapers

Or you can go straight to the online system by clicking here. My advice is to go to the Library page first so you know what is available and then bookmark the second location.

Meanwhile, I hope the new system can handle the load! It looks great. The Monterey Library deserves our thanks and support!

“Surprise tells us that we were expecting something other than what we got, even when we didn’t know we were expecting anything at all.” – Daniel Gilbert

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