History Here App for Tablets and Phones

I saw this blog posting about History Here on Dick Eastman’s Blog the other day and decided to try the App on my iPad. It works pretty good, so good in fact, that I also installed it on my Android phone and on my wife’s iPhone. We will use it when travelling in the USA to make sure we don’t miss something.

When you are looking for the app in the App Store, be sure you get History Here and not some other similarly named app. On iPads, be sure to select ‘iPhone only’ to find it. You will not find it in the ‘iPad only’ group. Also, after installing the app, go into settings and tell the system via Privacy/Location Services to allow access only “while using the app”. And I turned notifications off.

Read Eastman’s post:

History Here is a fascinating cell phone app produced by the History Channel. It displays historical locations that may be hidden all around you, including architecture, museums, battlefields, monuments, famous homes, tombstones, and much more.

You can use it at home to learn what historical events happened near you. However, the History Here app will also come in handy when you’re traveling to a new city as it locates large and small museums alike. It also finds events, both famous and obscure. For instance, the first time I used History Here, it displayed information about the first National Women’s Rights Convention held in 1850 a few miles from my home. Who knew?

Besides historic homes and museums, the app also maps many graves of historic figures. Hit a spot on the map, and you’ll get a brief history lesson. You can save spots and later receive alerts when you’re walking near a mapped site.

Historic locations also can be saved or shared by email, text message, Google Hangouts, Google Drive, Whats App, and a number of other services as well, as long as those services are already installed on your device.

It appears that the History Here app only lists US events and locations. I couldn’t find any for Canada or for other countries.

Note: History Here relies upon the device’s internal GPS receiver to determine the current location. Almost all “smartphones” have a built-in GPS, but not all the tablet computers do so. If your tablet does not contain a GPS, History Here probably will not be able to determine the current location. The app will work best on smartphones.

The above article is from and is copyrighted by the Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter at www.eogn.com. Many thanks go to Dick Eastman for his continued support of the genealogy world.

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