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Dayna Jacobs, an accredited genealogist and one of the volunteers at the Monterey Family History Center, runs three blogs. On her blog named On Grannys Trail, she maintains a list of genealogical sites called Dayna’s Toolbox. She graciously allows us to maintain a copy of her list here.

Last month, she added a site named MAPofUS to her Toolbox. We accordingly updated our copy of the Toolbox here. The deal is, this new site is really nice. It is loaded with interactive maps of states and counties in the U.S. that come right out of AniMap. In fact, working on this site in your state of choice is just like using AniMap!

Not only did Dayna find this neat site, but she also wrote up a post on how to use it. Not only should you try this great mapping site, but you should read Dayna’s post about it on her own site. Click here for Granny’s Review.

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