The Family History Guide is Now Available Online

famhistguideThe Family History Guide is a huge website aimed for beginners and advanced genealogy researchers alike. It is not a simple ebook published in PDF or some other format. Instead, it is a full interactive guide that contains some of its information on the Family History Guide’s own web site and adds hundreds of links to other web sites that also contain useful information.

The new Guide is now available on the FamilySearch website in the Learning Center AND in the Family History Center Services Portal. That puts The Family History Guide in all of the English speaking Family History Centers throughout the world. The rest of the world will get The Family History Guide as soon as the publishers complete additional translations which are already underway.

Keep in mind that this new Guide does not contain any genealogical records. Instead, it helps you learn how to use the vast record sources at FamilySearch, Ancestry, Findmypast, MyHeritage, and other web sites. You can use a number of links in The Family History Guide to go directly to popular search pages by location or record type.

The Family History Guide suggests 7 Projects:
1. Family Tree
2. Memories
3. Descendancy / Ordinances
4. Discover
5. Indexing
6. Help
7. Technology

These 7 projects are explained at

One thing that impressed me is the Resources for Children section at

While the information in this guide is available through its own web site and via links on FamilySearch, anyone reading the information should be aware that the site is not sponsored or endorsed by FamilySearch® or the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. There are no fees or subscriptions for using the web site or its contents.

I would strongly suggest you look at the Family History Guide today. If you agree with my assessment, you might want to tell your friends about this new online resource as well.

The Family History Guide is available to everyone at In addition, a video explaining much of the use of the Family History Guide is available at

The above article is from and is copyrighted by the Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter at Many thanks go to Dick Eastman for his continued support of the genealogy world.

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