Congratulations are in order for the new officers elected last week during the January MoCoGenSo Annual Business meeting.  Kathy Anderson accepted the Member-at-Large position.

The other officers graciously accepted nomination and were re-elected for another term.  The full set of elected officers for 2016 looks like this:

  • President                             Elizabeth Nelson
  • 1st VP Programs                 vacant
  • 2nd VP Membership          Marilyn Ruccello
  • 3rd VP Ways & Means        Nancy Barton
  • Recording Secretary           Gary Carlsen
  • Corresponding Secretary   Ellen Riddick
  • Treasurer                              Jeannie Pedersen
  • Member-at-Large                Kathy Anderson
  • Member-at-Large                Carol Steed

Kathy accepted the position in absentia as she was taking care of her injured husband.  Be sure to contact any of the officers if you have ideas for changes or new programs or if you just want to help. Please note, the VP position related to Programs is open!

“The best ideas have to win, otherwise good people don’t stay.” – Steve Jobs

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