The FamilySearch Tree

I just read a blog post from the FamilySearch Blog where they said that there are 1.1 Billion people in the FamilySearch Tree! I am amazed…. Partly because I was one of the early beta testers of the tree (its not that old) and partly just because that is a BIG number! I have a hard time believing that number. Well… let me be careful, I believe them, OK. But geez, I wonder how many are related to me!

They went on to say that the Tree has had 2.47 Million contributors so far. That averages out to be 445 people per contributor. Humm, that could be reasonable. I haven’t added that many, but I know a few people in our local group who probably have added more. I wonder how many are dups 🙂

You can read the full blog posting by clicking here.

1.1 Billion is a big number. I assume the tree has more dead people in it than living. I wonder what the ratio is. There are estimated to have been 83.7 Billion people born since history began. And there are about 7.3 Billion currently living. That gives 8 % in total numbers. The 1.1 Billion is about 1.2 % of everyone who ever lived! I am still shocked. There are lots of leaves in that tree!

You can check how many people were alive when you were born by going to this old BBC site. Plug in your birth date and be amazed. BBC Population Counter.

If you haven’t started your tree in, get with it! It is free, and the data will be there for as long as FamilySearch exists. If you have added your ancestors, Thanks! But keep looking… there are probably more to find!

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