New 23andMe Service

I received an email from 23andMe today announcing new services.

“Today marks a great milestone in the history of personal genetics. I am thrilled to let you know that 23andMe is now the first and only genetic service available directly to you that includes reports that meet FDA standards.”

23andMe has received approval from the FDA to provide “60+ personalized genetic reports covering health, ancestry, and traits.” The lists of reports can be seen here:

There are lots of new reports. The price for 23andMe will now be $199 instead of $99.

The layout of the website is also changing. These YouTube videos (all produced by 23andMe) provide a preview of what the new site will look like.
DNA Relatives:
Reports Overview:
Share and Compare Overview:
You can also find out more at their FAQ page.

I tested with them in Feb 2010 using the Version 2 chip, and it cost a lot more than $199! The email today continued on, saying:

“As one of our earlier customers, you will continue to have access to your current health reports. The new experience will include redesigned versions of many of the same health and ancestry reports that you currently have. We have also added some new features and tools.”

Aren’t you sorry you didn’t order last week! The rumor mill is saying that a new version 5 chip is coming, also. One assumes the new chip will have ancestry results that are compatible with data from the earlier test chips. If so, this new chip plus health reports might be worth the wait.

For the record, I just ordered the new National Genographic test called Geno 2: Next Generation. It also costs $199, but it is supposed to have over 700,000 autosomal SNPs, and 20,000 Y-DNA SNPs. There are no health reports, of course. I will have more information on this service in the future.

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