Google Search Basics

One of the difficulties of working in a blog is writing in language that is interesting to other folks. When I read this email from Bill Hannah, he expressed such an obvious enthusiasm for what he had found that I decided to not only share his finding, but to share his email verbatim.

RootsTech was an incredible conference, and I’m looking forward to presenting next month and sharing. Biggest challenge is the firehose of info – not that that’s a bad thing!

I attended a “real” Google tips session, and thought I’d pass this on before the board meeting tonight if you want to pass along somehow to the members electronically. Here is is summary the presenter, Karen Willson, provided me. She has explicitly given permission to share and reuse, as long as she gets credit for the item. Which is no problem as it’s at the top of the page.

There’s more on her website,, under the Resources tab. The presentation on Google Tips was not exactly the one she used, but I believe she’s updating the page to include that. I’ll let you know as I’ll see her again this week. I’m here another week to use the FHC.

I leave it to you to decide what to do with the attached.

As a reminder, Bill has attended the recent RootsTech conference and will be sharing his findings at our next MoCoGenSo meeting, March 5. Be sure to come hear him in person to see what other discoveries he made. Click Here to read and/or download a copy of the Google Basics PDF Bill collected.

While we are on the subject of hints for using Google, here is another site that has some more esoteric hacks that might interest you.

Don’t forget that Google has always posted their own helps on their website. To be fair, this is probably the best place to get real help with Google search. Goto Google.

1 thought on “Google Search Basics

  1. sukiyhtaky

    Thank you for posting these. I cannot make it to meetings and this is a blessing. Jealous of your getting to attend. I went to school at the Y and loved it.


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