November 6, 2014 – “Update Your Family Tree with Source Citations”, Junel Davidsen, Certified Genealogist

As family historians, we all know that documenting our sources is important to making our work credible. We are responsible for making a record of our findings – not only the names, dates and locations of vital events – but also the type of information and where we found it. Documenting our sources is important to supporting and strengthening our family trees. Sources also help to power our research through evidence analysis.

 Because the process of documenting our sources takes time and pulls us away from research, our binders may be full of unprocessed information. Citing the name of a book or a microfilm roll number is not enough, especially in today’s world. Source variables abound on the internet which require additional references and can further complicate the documenting process.

 This session by Junel Davidsen will cover some helpful tools:

  • Models in Evidence Explained, Citing History Sources from Artifacts to Cyberspace, the ‘go-to’ book for citing sources;
  • Formats for footnotes and subsequent footnotes; endnotes; and source lists (bibliographies);
  • How to create footnotes in a word program;
  • How to enter sources in a family history software program like LegacyFamilyTree to obtain desired formatting on reports and print-outs.

 Note: Evidence Explained is a new reference book available in the library of the Family History Center.


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